Take your life?

‘Die, girl’
Your mind whispers
A lot of options to choose

The pills
Sleeping or any kind they are
Be overdosed

The rope
Just hold and tighten it up
A necklace around your neck

The knife
Its metal sharp edges
Piercing through your skin

Jump through the bridge
A tall building
Or be hit on the road

My mind, it asked me
‘Which one do you like?’
‘Be it fast’, I said
I hate the pain
Let it end.


Her Suffering.

A girl standing
With plastered smile on her face
Eyes bloodshot
Flesh and bones decaying inside
Still she managed to walk and talk
Like everybody does
Her body and mind a great mystery
Just one hit
And she could die.


You want to cut
Bleed and spill
But then
You’re afraid of the scars
The blotchy red lines
‘Cause people don’t like ugly
They hate it
And you fear to lose more
A lot gone
Only few left.

Hidden Her.

A dark cloud surrounding her
She’s filled of secrets
She can’t even tell anyone
People might get away
Or call her insane
But she’s still normal
Feeling the emotions
So better at faking it
Can you tell you knew her well
When you don’t even understand the story of her scars?


I hate the dark thoughts. They came again. They came all over again all at once. They’re consuming me and I can’t breathe. I’m suffocated. My head’s spinning. I wanna be alone, enclosed in a dark chamber. I feel like going crazy. Or maybe really crazy as they say or my father says. I’ve been piling it all up again inside me, the fears, the guilt, the madness. I’ve been staying quiet again for too long. I felt out of reach.


My heart is cold
Like the winter air that blows
I feel numb
Just not to care
But why I yearn for longing
Is it to make myself better?


I blink
And open my eyes
I think
And there you are
I can’t help but try to find you
In every human being on earth
I touched
I’m with
But still I can’t find your pieces
That would patch me back together.


Don’t you wanna be saved?
I wanna save you
But I guess she’s your addiction
A treat hard for you to get over
While I’m just here a substitute
Another flavor to taste when it gets bitter.


My thoughts all drained out
So give me an ample amount of time
To gather back my energy
Of telling the world how it feels
Living in stained fate
And once I sprung back up
It will be better.