My Swiftie Story.

It all began when I’ve first heard “Love Story”, I’ve got amazed by the fairytale feel of the song, then I’ve seen the music video and it was magical. Then I’ve started searching about the singer, who turns out to be “Taylor Swift”, found her songs and heard them. They had these feel of like she’s writing my diary. All those emotions hidden in every word, phrase, lyric, and song. Then this fangirling goes on and on. Started buying albums and merchs. Listening to her songs all of the time. Deciphering messages of every song. Taylor Swift is writing her life and she’s writing mine too. And for this new record that is already out. I can say, “I would never ever stop listening to these songs for a lifetime.” Thanks Taylor for being there. You’re existence is the most amazing thing in the world. ♥♥♥


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