Change is constant.
Everyone changes and all things change.

I was a girl who fall in love, got broken and move on. A girl who doesn’t know how to handle love and constantly loses it. A girl who hides her feelings of jealousy, frustration, anger, madness and all the negative emotions, but instead shows happiness, patience, kindness and all the positivity. A girl who makes mistakes and learns from it but is really afraid. A girl who continuously want to learn. A girl who always hide in her room and keeps unsent letters, and written unsaid words. A girl who awkwardly dances and makes fun of herself. A girl who dreams the impossibilities. A girl drawn into books. A shy and quiet girl but really is a nerd, clumsy, and funny person. A girl who said she hates makeup ’cause she’s boyish but loves them now. A girl who just wear pants and shirts but is really dreaming of wearing cute dresses and heels. A girl who before doesn’t like cutting her hair but cuts her hair short and ties them. A girl who is always behind the spotlight. A girl who always thinks of what people says about her. A girl who is afraid of being the center of attention but endures it. A girl who is not fond of spicy things, horror stories and films, and heights but really likes to try them and continuously tries them. A girl who is friendly to anyone she meets but is still making enemies. A girl who hates people staring at her but now stares at them back or ignores them. A girl who is always good but tries to be bad. A girl who wants to learn guitar, archery and taekwondo. A strong and brave girl who justifies herself when she knows she’s right but admits it when she’s wrong. A girl who is trying to be perfect even she knows she’s imperfect. And a girl who is writing this and will continuously write.

I was this girl and i will always be. But sometimes, slowly we tend to change, not because we want to, but because they pushed us to.


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