I remember last friday evening, me and my friends had a mini get together at our home. As we are watching a drama in a particular station, my friend suddenly noticed the stereo radio on front of the television,  then he suddenly said, “Is that your radio?” I answered, “Yes.” Then he answered back, “Oh, that’s already too old, I remember we’re using that before in practicing that Christmas song for our caroling.” My other friends agreed to him. I laughed and said, “Ah, I remember that too.” “You’re also using that before in playing, ‘We belong’ and that’s how our friendships started.”, he continued. And then he said other things that I can’t remember but he and my other friends remembered. And i was just like, “I can’t believe you still remember that all, I quite forget about that.”

And I think I just can’t really remember ’cause I’m slowly forgetting things and maybe because I chose to forget.
I can remember things but I’m just getting glances of it. I’m slowly forgetting the whole picture and it’s meaning. Not because I want to, but because some of them are just really meant to be forgotten. And that’s the ability I want to have, to choose what has to be forgotten and has to stay.



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