Pain Might Tell It All.

There’s so much pain
That it’s getting hard to breathe
So many thoughts are filling your mind
And you might breakdown anytime soon

It’s been hard to establish the heat
But it’s just easy to put out the flame
‘Cause I think I’m done with the words and lies
And I’m telling myself all over again don’t get your hopes up

Well but in your mind you always want to take a risk
Even you know it will just be the same
They say it’s worth the risk if the result is worth the wait
But fear swallows you whole

And maybe some things were just not really meant to be
Maybe our minds were just really full of hopeless dreams
We’re just victims of this playful world of life
We’re caught in a story that we don’t have a clue

So tell me now what do we have to do
Don’t tell me it’s too late
‘Cause this pain cost it all
It made us the people we weren’t supposed to be.


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