Fashion Faker.

Fabulous dresses, Cute sneakers
Shining jewelries, Amazing hats
Gigantic heels, Colorful bags
They’ll make you fashionable
Wearing what’s in if not you’ll be different
You’ll be lurking in the corner being out of place
And I will just be dressing to impress
Gonna dress to impress

Better put my make up on but I prefer a simple face
Wanna be natural, wanna be my true self
But I must gonna be classy, sassy
And you’re becoming what you’re not gonna be
You’re coming out differently and
You’re gonna be noticed for sure

Need to be in fashion
Must have a fashion sense
Patterns, colors, I need to know them all
These goes with this and that
Once they saw you
They’ll gonna compliment and praise you

Sometimes being in other’s shadow is difficult
And you’re not perfect as how you must
There’s scars and imperfections
You’ll cry in the corner all alone in the deep of the night
But you’ll keep repeating putting that mask.


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