“‘Cause I’ve just been that shy quiet good girl that everyone knows about. Who just keeps her feelings and thoughts to herself.”

These past few days I’ve been undergoing some kind of mixed feelings that I just pour out by listening to songs or writing them into words. And then suddenly, I’ve woken up one day, I want something entirely different. Like being reborn. Telling myself, “Why won’t I try telling this feelings out? And see what would it bring me back.” So slowly I tried but I think people doesn’t even care what would I be or what I become. At first I was really hesitant, because I’m always that kind of girl thinking of what other people might say but I guess that’s how life revolves. If you’re unfortunate, people may misunderstand and judge you and if you’re lucky, maybe you would find people the same as you are.

And now, I’m reinventing myself.



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