(Before you start reading, I think these things are really crazy. Haha.)

He was in my dreams these past two days and I don’t know why.
My first dream of him was as sad as a lonely song. It was a gathering of our section, like a reunion and I think other sections too, because there were many people. I can’t really describe where it was but maybe it was at our school, I’m basing it in the structure I’ve remembered. Me and my friend were running, finding where they are. And we can’t see them, so I decided to wear my glasses to have a better view. Then I saw him, and I know he saw me too but he’s acting like he doesn’t know me, he ignores me. And I was thinking he’s mad at me. Until my alarm sets off.

The second one was just this morning. It was something that takes the happiness and hope out of me.
We were in good terms already but we had an argument that made us to part ways for some time. Until I’ve heard that he got someone pregnant. He got drunk because of our fight and met some girl. And because of that he has to marry that girl. I was dumbfounded when I’ve heard about it. It made me so depressed that any good talk or song can’t make me alright. Everyone was worried about me. I was really lost and I don’t know what do. Thoughts are echoing in my mind, ‘he’s gonna marry other girl and we can’t be really together at all, there’s no more hope.’ I was crying too much. I’ve woken up when I’ve heard Taylor’s song, ‘All you had to do was stay’, playing. And glad I didn’t wake up with tears in my eyes. It was really a bad, weird dream.

Today, I’m wondering what will be my dream tonight. And I’m getting worried that I will have a dream about him again and it will be more worse. Wishing it will not. Please no more dreams about him again and no more nightmares. I just want to sleep peacefully.


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