His Music.

I was never interested in his music but he was interested in mine.

Before Taylor became famous I’ve been listening to other bands at that time and I’ve already heard, ‘Fireflies’. I’ve liked it because of its cute tune and cute music video. But Taylor’s music take me away from those because Taylor’s songs captured me the most. Its lyrics, stories, everything. So I forgot those other songs. I’ve been trapped in Taylor’s world and I’ve realized listening to Taylor’s songs always keeps me going back. I’m holding back. Looking back to everything. Regrets, broken promises, heartbreak, lost hopes, thousand of what-if’s. But I will still listen to them ’cause they’re a part of me and I will always be a fan.
Going back to what this is all about, now, I’m trying to understand his world. At first, I was really hesitant to listen to Owl City because it reminds me of him. But by now, Owl City’s songs are on my playlist and I find it full of dreamy things, sounds lively but the lyrics are really lonely.

To borrow a lyric from one of the songs,

“So tell me darling, do you wish we’d fall in love?” -The Saltwater Room


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