Mr. Right.

Hello destiny, can i meet the boy of my dreams?

He’s taller than me
Cracks a joke and smiles at me
I go mad and he’s courting me back
He never gives up on me
Accepts my flaws and mistakes especially my clumsiness
Says I look good in any clothes I wear
He holds my hand and will never let go
Looks at me in the eye and says you’re enough
Loves to see me smile
Does crazy things for me to notice him
Makes me laugh when I’m sad
Annoys me and does effort to make me smile
Shares to me positive thoughts
Makes my bad day a good one
He’s crazy as I am
He’s kind and intelligent
Insists on getting me home even I don’t want to
Hugs me in unexpected moments
Sings to me even he’s not good at it
And will prove to me he’s worth it.


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