Confused. Shattered. Tell Me.

I hate it, one day we’re like good and now you’re being rude
Are we just playing? Tell me now ‘cause I want to stop this craziness immediately.

I’m trembling, slowly the coldness is all over me
Frown, smile, frown, smile, I didn’t know what to show anymore
Been to many places, where to go?
I’m all lost
Then you came, and a light appears
Gonna follow it anywhere just to not be alone
But as I was slowly coming near, the light fades
Darkness is all around me again
I’ve let you in my life again
But I guess I was fooled
I was like deciding to take the risks
When you’ve finally had the key
Decided to not care what would people say
But then again you’ve shattered me
Been in the game all along
Thought you cared but I think I’m all wrong
When the puzzle was all laid out I’ve been happy
Thinking things that after you’ve been all gone
I’m lucky to have you back
And I’ve swore this time I won’t let you go
But how dare you to play with this innocent heart
I’ve regret I’d put my guards down
Now, sadness, madness engulfs me
And I don’t know what to choose anymore.

It’s funny how the one’s who make you feel complete can make you feel completely empty as well.


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