A Bomb Detonated.

I’m like a bomb already detonated. Last time, I’d already exploded and some of the people around me caught the most pieces, witnessed the breakdown, the suffering and he almost felt it, ‘cause he only got some of the pieces, in terms of harm, he just got bruises.

Now, a bomb detonated, I can say the coast is almost clear. Yes, there were still traces of him. ‘Cause truly, I don’t’ want him to be really gone in my life. I want a part of him to stay. But I think he made a choice to slip away. And I can’t do nothing about it. So, all I can do for now, is to wait for him to come back and completely prove he wasn’t really gone at all.

You guys may think that I’m still might be really inlove with him with these thoughts I’m writing on, but let me clarify, yes, I’m longing for him, missing him, but because of the hurt and pain I’ve gone through, I just want my heart to rest for now and enjoy life in the most possible way. ‘Cause I believe if two people are really meant for each other, they’ll find their way back.

So, these past few days music and food are just the two things that gives me happiness and life right now. I’m also focusing on my career path and trying to spend most of my time coping up with my friends and family. And because it’s a new year, I made rules for myself and I hope I can stand up for it not just until the end of the year but also for the rest of my life. And these were the rules I made up for now and I might add more as the days of these year progresses. 1. Be fearless. 2. Be happy and enjoy life. 3. Be contented with what you have.

And now you’ve read this, I will try to write positive thoughts from now on. Oh, not just try, I will. 



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