Fine Line.

There’s a fine line between going back and not going back. I want him to come back ’cause truly I’m missing him, I miss everything he does for me and the way he never failed to make me smile but so many things have changed now that makes me also say for him to not come back, like my life’s better now and I’m happy with what I have, and I’ve lived for 20 years without knowing him and I know that I can do it now too. But I think I became so very used to, that he was always there, that every single thought of him still gives me pain. I need to go on with life and enjoy every second of it without bothering my mind with thoughts of him but I hated it that he gave me so much to remember that it makes it hard for me to forget him faster. But I know by myself that I can do it, it’s just I must not think of him in every single thing that I’m doing that has a connection with him, that not everything I do is all about him, that there’s other people too that does the same and he’s not the only one. I must make myself believe that there’s much better out there and that life’s more fun than I knew it was. That’s life is better if you’ve learned to live with it without making out the rules but by living it in God’s terms.


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