“And how odd it is to be haunted by someone that is still alive.”




Put your lipstick on, girl

And purse your lips

Keep mum about something

But no, don’t you lie girl.


The girl keeps on writing

The girl keeps on trying

Whether there’s losing or winning

One must keep on fighting.

Forget her tattered memories,
or the pages others took;
you are her ever after-
the hero of her book.
-Lullabies, Lang Leav


Before I had a torch beneath me
A source of wisdom and strength
But the flame has been set off
So I need to find the fire within myself.

But the world took a spark like a match in the dark
And the fire brought me to life
-Embers, Owl City

Endless Race.

Found myself longing for words
‘Cause I’ve been out of letters
To put out the stirring pain
I thought those phrases
Would make me feel any better
But they ain’t justified the reasons
On my thousand of questions
So I ended on believing
In dreams that I keep on chasing
But has nowhere to go.

Our Journey.

We are both players in this game called life. And like any other game, there’s losing and winning. But ours is different, we’ve played all over again and again until we’ve come to the point where we got tired and bored of the game. We’d tried something new and be happy and giddy about it, but like any of our favorites, we’d just keep coming back to our old favorite game to see if we’re still good at it and if we are, we’ll play it again.



I want to love somebody else entirely
But every time I do
I thought of you
Something is making me hold on
It’s maybe the idea that you may come back
To fill the gap in my heart
And if that moment come
Don’t want it to look like I was gone
Where there’s no one to welcome you home
Autumn’s fine winter’s not
So I hope then we’ll make it right.