She Changed.

She has changed
She laughs but deep inside she’s breaking
She looks at the mirror
She smiles but failed to impress herself
Her eyes were all dark they’re no more a bright color of brown
There were huge undesirable circles under her eyes
Her hair was a mess, its shine was gone

‘Cause all I know was she were different from yesterday and i don’t know what happened
She’s all worn out, tired from everything
Sometimes at night she just breaks down
Her eyes and mouth all sore
She cries and screams but no one hears
She’s longing for somebody
She just wants to feel safe again

She has scars all over her body that no one sees
People close to her doesn’t know how much misery she had gone through
They just see her smile every time
But the truth was inside she’s all torn
Insane thoughts overflowing her head
Over thinking every little thing
She doesn’t know what to believe into
She’s not herself
She has changed.



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