Fondly fond of signs
Surprised to knew that you were there before I met you
The world suddenly held into a stop when I’ve seen you
I was staring that I want to know you in that split second
Like I don’t want to let go
Same interests brought us closer
Characteristics that we’re so alike
Funny to find out that you’re just ten days older from me
Humor, intelligence that I love
Felt the change of your ways to me
That made me comfortable and safe with you
Then i fell so hard
You’re a magnet, and the gravity’s pulling me into you
It’s hard to stay away
Life has put us in a test
But I gave in
Afraid to ask you
Monsters within
Trap of questions
Until we’re too torn away
Difficult to put it all back now
You’ve been tired of trying
So you surrendered
And I’m left wasted
Ghost that what’s left of you
Traces, outlines that I can’t touch
Thinking too deeply
Maybe your time’s up
Now, it’s my turn.


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