This night I feel so alone. And I wish I did not exist. So I’m acting like an invisible person tonight. I don’t want to make any sounds. I don’t want to bother them, especially my father, who is labeling me tonight an insane one. So I just decided to wear the ring Mr. gave me. And I had reasons for this. He was the person that made me feel safe. He was the person who told me that’s when something wrong it’s just okay. He was the person who said that if you’re having a bad day today, eventually everything would be okay tomorrow. He was the person who never failed to made me laugh and smile even I’m really sad. He was the person who always cheered me up. He was my positivity. But then I’ve remembered he was already gone. And I’ve reminded how stupid I am. To believe that he likes me. Wish he just didn’t do those things. Wish he didn’t hugged me or held my hands. Or wish he doesn’t get close to me that much if he would just leave. He must haven’t gave me those butterflies if he would just turn them into dust. He must haven’t brought me happiness if he would just make it into pain. I must haven’t let him in. ‘Cause the hole he left kills. He was just an illusion that my mind made up.


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