A safe haven for me and you

In every turn of the page

Slowly characters came to life in our own senses

Until we’re constantly dissolved into them

Breathe in their continuous fantasies

Enchanting landscapes

Nostalgic memories

And the curve their faces make

In every persona we found an imprint of ourselves

Understanding more what others don’t

Felt every print of words and letters

Exclamations, commas and colons

Inhaled the lovely smell brought by those tiny sheets

Until we’re halfway through the book

Continually guessing with curiosity what happens next

Undecided whether to take a peek on those ending lines

But we feared what the last thoughts would be all about

‘Cause we’re still lost in the pleasing storyline

It’s a dreamy world were possibilities are not lies

Finding we’re now in its edges

Worried it might just drift away

Since we’re living onto them

Imagination is better than reality

Yet we need to awake from it

Still it’s such a great escape.


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