She’s the fragments of things
The bare ideas of objects she adopted
Characters of fiction
In the books, she have read
Lines of nostalgia
In the songs, she have heard
Speeches of reverie
In the movies, she have watched
The mere conception of everybody
Imitation of thoughts someone knew
Her truest form gone, cast aside
Been forgotten, she’s unknown
A lost torn piece
Could we get her back?
She’s a girl living in false reality.



No one cares if you cry or laugh in this world.
You’re born alone girl.
So be used to be just by yourself.

-From the girl who cries about little stupid things.


It’s a dead end for a former flame
No time now for another useless game
When it just deals with heartbreak and pain
You’re supposed to be tired of the drought and rain

Take aside the illusion of mind
I know love is somewhere to be find
That time it never goes with the wind
And promise it could be one of a kind.


You see her and what do you feel?
The cuddling, pairing times back then
Funny ‘cause this is what they want
And what was I’m wishing too, right?

Guess you enjoyed yourself
Feeling indestructible
But I was thinking
‘When you’ve saw her, do you remember me?’

Maybe I’m just some stranger’s memory to you
I was the left behind, hidden phase
We were a destroyed, reckless thing
Never mind the intimate moments

No more trip down to memory lane
Finally get tired of it all
But I was just saddened by this impulse,
‘She may be the truth and I might be the lie.’


I walked on
Step by step
Something feels heavy
I look up beyond
Left and right I search through

Traffic light colored signages
White steep hallways
A figure I see on agony
In flat cold surfaces
Carried by tiny rolled-up rubbers

A spot of monsters coming alive
Faces of suffering and pain
Layers of fragile bodies
Where the weak can be strong
And the strong can be weak

Life could be given
Or it can be took away
Options of decisions
But everytime we just tremble
Even money doesn’t matter

Me, you, or they could be shattered
If it is about our loved ones
Then this what I’m thinking
‘I was never friends with the hospital
And do you think would I ever be?’

Memory Castle.

The castle has been brought down
And it wasn’t a nice thing to look unto
Rubbles and remnants on the ground
Debris was all I see
And I mumble
‘This isn’t the thing one is expecting.
It’s far beyond what nice dreams were about.’
I started to search around
Until my mind and body got lost
My torn soul kept wandering
To the place where you can be
I felt you’re somewhere near
Waiting to be found too
Then I was led back to the past
Stared once again to the old castle
Picked up the pieces one by one
Trying to build it up again
You’ve been there
Looking upon me
Don’t understand a thing
Wanted to talk
But I can’t utter a word
So I just took a step to be near
Yet I was wrong
You’ve been here to knockdown
The castle I’m fixing for me and you.