Memory Castle.

The castle has been brought down
And it wasn’t a nice thing to look unto
Rubbles and remnants on the ground
Debris was all I see
And I mumble
‘This isn’t the thing one is expecting.
It’s far beyond what nice dreams were about.’
I started to search around
Until my mind and body got lost
My torn soul kept wandering
To the place where you can be
I felt you’re somewhere near
Waiting to be found too
Then I was led back to the past
Stared once again to the old castle
Picked up the pieces one by one
Trying to build it up again
You’ve been there
Looking upon me
Don’t understand a thing
Wanted to talk
But I can’t utter a word
So I just took a step to be near
Yet I was wrong
You’ve been here to knockdown
The castle I’m fixing for me and you.


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