Reverie, reverie
A spell cast upon
Reverie, reverie
Magical droplets in the air

Reverie, reverie
A voice which gives me shiver
Reverie, reverie
Your electrifying touch

Reverie, reverie
The fire when we’re together
Reverie, reverie
Which made the time froze

Reverie, reverie
Where my world screams in color
Reverie, reverie
The safest place I rather be

Reverie, reverie
The core of my sanity
Reverie, reverie
Won’t you just be a daydream.

“You are the star of my daydreams
Everything you are is my reverie
Can you feel my heart
When you’re moving closer and closer?
Oh, I think that we, that we were meant to be.”
– Reverie, Breanne Duren



Two different personas
Don’t even have a clue
Lines and graphs meet
Intertwining lives
Seen eye to eye
Touched soul by soul
Ideal identities built
Yet keen with secrets
There’s this history
Could be remembered
Erased or overlapped
Been part of the book
Destiny produced nor manipulated
Can’t read faces
Unmade interrogations
Then it’s time for the turning phase
And left the trail behind
Whether to follow or not
Curiosity’s fault
That welcomed new adventures
So just be a stranger  
I could meet again someday.