Depression is an unexplainable feeling. When bad things crept up inside, you’ll feel all of the worst feelings in the world at once. The monsters you thought that isn’t present, feeds up on those emotions and swallow you whole, they grew up inside of you. You’re becoming your own nightmare. You had these thoughts of self harm like punching the wall, cutting yourself or jumping off the ledge. Those ideas are demons inside your head, you had to fight off. Battle isn’t just outside, it’s also inside all of us. We’re also battling against ourselves. You might survive life outside but inside your slowly dying. Your feeling of being carved into shreds. You’re bleeding inside. Have a huge black hole seeping you up. Sometimes we really want having those bruises to show people that we’re broken inside too. To let them see the truth not just because they saw us fine outside, doesn’t mean we’re really okay. We want people to wonder. We want them to know. We want them to feel. We’re not robots who don’t feel anything, we’re humans who also felt fucked up and shit.

Fight them out. Curse. Shout. Listen to music. Write. Be weird. Be different. Be yourself.
Survive. Live. Scars show how strong you are.
I salute you. I love you.

Ps: I confess one of letting my anger out is crying and injuring myself, but one form of therapy I do for lessening it out is by writing them down. These are stories that prove I undergone these moments. These are written words which tell more what I can say.
Yes, we can still shout and scream it out. But mine’s to tell.

‘Grit your teeth, pull your hair,
Paint the walls black and scream, “Fuck the world
‘Cause it’s my life, I’m gonna take it back,”
And never for a second blame yourself.’
-Missing You, All Time Low


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