Can be on the tips of the pen
Folds of paper
Imprint of words
The letters written

Can be on the melody heard
Strummed guitar strings
Drum and sticks vibration
The music played

Can be on the edge of the wood
Soft cushioned sofa
Or fabric of linens
The things seated on

Can be on the calmness of the bay
Shade of blossoming trees
Attracting amusement park
The places gone to

Can be on the figures smiling
Shadows side by side
Kaleidoscope colors
The photographs taken

Can be on the characters words
Fictional dream world
Smell of old parchment
The books read

Can be on the corner of the eye
Skin felt and touched
Air breathe in and out
The ghost of you.

“Come to my dreams,
Daylight won’t find us here
We’re finally free,
Free to go anywhere.”
-See You In My Dreams, We The Kings


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