I Remember.

I remember that 1st year of highschool
I’ve fallen ‘cause I thought you like me
Guess it’s not still our time
The last day of classes
I’ve decided to leave first
And never to glance back
Then there’s something in me wanted to peek
That maybe I’ll see you staring
But when I look back you’re not

I remember that 1st year of college
You loved me but I was late
Guess I’m not good for you
A tour for our course
You saw me and I ignored you
I was stopping myself
Yet I can’t
So I gazed back
But you’re gone

I remember the day of graduation
I’ve loved you ‘cause I feel you do
Guess I’m just dreaming
A special day for us
You were there
A second later
You’re saying goodbye
I want you to stay
But you leave anyway

I remember those things today
Caring and loving wholeheartedly
Things I do
That you don’t know
Waiting, staring
I was damaged
Thinking I’m not worth it
Better walk away
And prove myself.


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