Mature Love. 

He’s the kind of man
In sheep’s clothing
It’s so confusing
You can’t tell the truth

He’s the kind of man
Who could make you commit a sin
It’s so dangerous
Really frightening

He’s the kind of man
You could lose yourself to
It’s so hypnotizing
Don’t know what you’re doing

He’s the kind of man
You could love wildy
It’s so reckless
A good girl gone bad scene.

“I been doing stupid things
Wilder than I’ve ever been
You’ve become my favorite sin.”
-Bad Decisions, Ariana Grande



​’All the time i was looking for the end but all i see is a pause, a comma or a but, giving me reasons to bring it back once more, and there i tried to ignite it, i was a drench soul longing for your presence and then there was you, appearing in the lime light, so there i was a fool who wrote another line to bring it back to life, but you already put a period between the words. That was the end, the last. Hope no more. There’s no more gonna be you and i. There’s no you and i.’

-Ana Reyes

The Last Time.

Why some stories had to end up soon before they started? Why people had to meet when they’re just gonna be drifted away? Why? I had a lot of questions now.

Tears really want to go when I heard the news, I was first in some state of shock. Like why does it have to happen too soon? I know I’m in some kind of being overreacting but well, I’ve been attached to him that much. He knows my stories, he heard them and I’m hearing his too. Then things were flashing back like the first time we met, I had that sincere smile and as you go I had that ‘I need to’ kind of smile. I wanna give you a hug but who I am to do that? I wanna talk to you and hear your thoughts but you’re ignoring me. I want you to feel that your family and friends are here but why can’t you see that? Why does you had to give up too quick and make a decision to left?

No one’s gonna be with me going to work and home again. No one’s gonna spray me his scent again. No one’s gonna hear my weird thoughts again. I’ll be lonely once again.

Today, we had our last in person interaction, the last time we ate together, the last time of messing around, the last time we laughed and talked, the last time we swept the floor, the last time we walked together and the last time we travel together.

And I wanna cry right now. Especially when the door finally closes as you walked out the train, I can’t help but close my eyes because that would be the last and I hate to see you leave.

But I would like to say, ‘This one’s never a goodbye, It will be see you again.’

Bon voyage! I wish you the best and I will surely miss you.

-Your Ana bear.

“Now, I’m half a world from you
But you’re always in my mind.”
-Million Words, The Vamps


I was the dry patch of land not watered
The thirst and quench
Of a love longing

I’ve been the careless in careful
The negative and worst
Of a love lost

I became the weakness of strengths
The rotten and ugly
Of a love taken away

You were my hidden paradise
A beauty that no one sees
The shine in the light
Come and bathe me
With a love I deserve.

-Ana Reyes