October 22.

Another year has passed
And it was my birthday
Change in the numerals
But i don’t think i did
There were people lost and came
Relationships starts to matter
Between who stayed and left
Who knows you better
And never judge you easily

It was a birthday
A celebration
A greeting or without
What’s important is who remembers
And who’s beside.


Hidden Greeting.

Processed with VSCOcam

‘It was your birthday

and i didn’t bother to greet or remember

but deep inside i almost did

to think in a world where it’s better

where we are not some hopeless fools

waiting for the right time

instead we took the chance

and everything’s fine.’
For about some time I was in hiatus in writing, but before I got back to transferring the feelings into words I tweeted this, ‘My mind refuses because I don’t wanna write anymore about him or for anyone. Instead I wanna write for myself.’ Yet my words still want to speak about him because there were a thousand words stuck in my throat that I had to get out. I had to get over. And this is my way. Forgive me.

“I need a little more luck than a little bit
Cuz every time I get stuck the words won’t fit
And every time that I try I get tongue tied
I’ll need a little good luck to get me by.”
-Tongue Tied, Faber Drive

Faded Lines.


‘We’re like faded lines that someday be forgotten
Same as the layers of memories
That slowly disappear
From the human’s sanity.’


The Universe.


‘She was the forgotten constellation
The faraway star
A speckle of dust
In this galaxy
Of conspired dreams.’