Travel In Life.

Have you ever thought of running away? Of forgetting everything? Like starting a new life away from all the things that hurt you? Or just be gone in a blink of an eye? And see if everything would be much better if you’re gone? We wonder. What if? And maybe that’s one of our life’s biggest question. And of thinking for a solution, people mostly do self harm. Well, nope it isn’t. There’s more to it.

Suicide, as we call it, is one of the choices a hopeless person make. Where someone already lose the grip from faith. Committing suicide is of course not advisable because it’s taking away the life given to you. It’s not a good way to escape problems. It’s like giving up instead of fighting. Some may oppose saying like, ‘It’s my decision, it’s my choice’, but let me tell you beyond all those shits and crap you’re experiencing there will be a light. Don’t focus on the darkness. Don’t let darkness consume you. See the hope in it.

Instead of hurting and locking yourself alone in a room, why don’t you just turn that into something life changing, like traveling. Do travel. Wander.

In going to different places, first thing that could enter your mind is that it requires money.
Truly it does, but you can still travel through starting with the little things then slowly widening your horizons. Begin with a little walk in your hometown. Visit some places you’ve never been. There are still places you haven’t discovered but yet to be unfold.
Then, if you can, save up everyday like dropping some bills in a coin bank. It maybe little but you never know one day you have saved up much.

Traveling is great. It’s one way of meeting new people in a different environment where no one knew you. It’s like starting a new life where you can have a new perspective in life. Where you can build yourself as a new person with new experiences and facts about the different people you will met. Understanding their cultures and learning their languages. It’s also a way of getting yourself away with things that suffocates and stops you from living the way you wanted. That way, you’ll find out there’s more to life. So Travel. Wanderlust. Soul search.

“Traveling is exciting you’ll see, when you’ve thought it’s the end but it isn’t, it’s just the start.
Don’t miss out the things you’ll yet to experience, believe someday it will get better. Turn your anxiety to hope. “

I’m a little speck of dust
So blow me, blow me
Until I’m nowhere to be seen
But you’ll find me lingering
In the far corner

*This was the original file. Take too long to post it. But thanks to Serigrafia MNL for letting me write for a specific theme. Here’s the article.


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