The Feeling.

Have you ever missed that feeling of butterflies in your stomach? That feeling you wished you could fly? That feeling where everything is fine and dandy? Well, I missed that feeling. Smiling, randomly looking some kind of idiot just because you’ve thought of someone. How their body next to you was like? How it felt when your skin touched? How to be wrapped up in their arms? The warmth of them radiating? How their hand fits perfectly with yours? It’s ridiculous but also a comfortable feeling. The feeling of falling in love with somebody and the most fun part of it was also them being in love with you. But sadly, he still doesn’t exist in my life. I think he’s still lost in some part of the world. Maybe stuck in there. Just kidding. Well, if ever he came sometime I would be glad to welcome him with my open arms. So wherever you are or whoever you are, I’m right here making myself the best for you.


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