The Blue People.


‘People all around me
Still I felt alone
So I kept myself busy
Deep in my own world
I may look like the crazy one
But I’ll tell you I belong here
One of the blue people
In this world of black and white
My world spinning in it’s own
Would you take a ride with me?’




‘She’s all soaked in
Drowned in her illusions
Her made up space
Covered in blank ink
A million thoughts
Swirling, scattered
Now a harmful storm
Slowly taking her life
And now pleading
Get her out of this labyrinth.’

A Red Rose.


‘There were the roses so red
Why such a beauty?
But didn’t saw hidden behind
The thorns which cut me down
And there my blood spilled within the petals.’


Negativity Of Her.


‘She’s the bright blue sky,
Mixed with humid and air;
She’s the still white paint,
Mixed with colors in a palette;
She’s the clear water,
Mixed with chemicals;
She was the rainbow,
Then there were the toxics;
Which touched her,
Until it made her black and white.’