I’m a bird
I wanna breakfree
Through the thorns and hays of wire

I’m a free soul
I wanna get lost and wander
Through the havens of earth

I’m the air
I wanna flow through
Around the land and water

I’m the invisible
I wanna roam anywhere
Do the things I wanted
Not for what they like.

“This is the part when I say I don’t want ya
I’m stronger than I’ve been before
This is the part when I break free
‘Cause I can’t resist it no more.”

-Ariana Grande, Break Free


Cafe Girl.


Sitting on a cafe

Sipping on some cold chocolate

Paired with a tasty red velvet

Her mind’s wandering


Indulging in the sweetness

The bitterness

Like her life was

She all had a taste of it.

Girl On The Train.

Picture from Pinterest. Credits to owner.

There she was
Standing in the crowded train
Keeping herself busy
Mind’s conscious around her
The murmurs, shouts
And conversations
As her background
But she chose to pretend
Not to care
Yet it still bothers her inside.

October 12.

I closed my eyes and see you there filled up my space

And I don’t want you up there

Controlling my mind for you to be within every line or stanzas I make

To be alive again

In the world I killed.


She was the sunshine
The rays of light
Giving her glow
Slowly losing brightness
She gave it all
Until she burnt out.