November 9.

Sometimes spoken words are better than the written ones,

But written words maybe the most sincere

Because unsaid ones are the things hard to explain.


November 7.

We’re too similar you know

But maybe it’s the indifference that separate us.

Her Stone Heart.

One day, she just exists and became this kind of girl who doesn’t wanna talk or write. All she want is to not to feel anything and be careless and be selfish. For the whole world to just turn it’s back on her. Like it made her feel years back then until from this very moment.

How To?

How to love myself?
I don’t even like myself
Actually, I more hate me

I hate the way she smiles
When she’s all broken inside

I hate the way she talks diligently
When she’s full of shits

I hate the way she stands tall
When she wants to lie and cry

I hate the way she walks gracefully
When she’s about to fall apart

I do hate her
So tell me how can you love her?