Day One Or Never.

July 20.

I went out of the house. An achievement I guess ’cause I always locked myself in surrounded by eletronic devices, tv, cellphone, laptop.

I helped someone out of nowhere. I talked. I started hearing my own voice once again. I’m alive. Still breathing.

I walked through the small street in our place.
Slippery, yet fascinating.
I laughed. I’m being myself.

Gone to my uncle’s house. They let me in.
My cousins and nephews.
My little nephew got the bible and left it beside me. I flipped through its pages. Random page.

Love. About love. How it should be free and not selfish.

This night as I was writing this down. Hillsong songs on my earphones.

I remembered God. How He was always here even I almost forget about Him. How His love stays even I abandoned Him.

Almost teary eyed. I felt sorry for blaming Him.
I know He has reasons why things happen.
I can’t understand now but I know someday I will.

I’m with a broken heart today, but I’m thankful.

I will heal. Things do, right?

Oh how many times have I broken Your heart

But still You forgive

If only I ask

And how many times have You heard me pray

Draw near to me

Everything I need is You

My beginning, my forever

Everything I need is You

-Still, Hillsong United