Girl On The Train.

Picture from Pinterest. Credits to owner.

There she was
Standing in the crowded train
Keeping herself busy
Mind’s conscious around her
The murmurs, shouts
And conversations
As her background
But she chose to pretend
Not to care
Yet it still bothers her inside.


Indenial Love.

I feel the chills
Shiver in my bones
The way I’m feeling
I can’t explain
Just a touch of your skin
It keeps me up
Until it makes me think
And lose it inside
Your eyes on me
A blank stare
But the way I look
Hidden beneath are
Million words
That I all zip up
So it can’t get out
Admitting is dangerous
‘Cause things are wrong
Better deny
Than destroy it all.

Take your life?

‘Die, girl’
Your mind whispers
A lot of options to choose

The pills
Sleeping or any kind they are
Be overdosed

The rope
Just hold and tighten it up
A necklace around your neck

The knife
Its metal sharp edges
Piercing through your skin

Jump through the bridge
A tall building
Or be hit on the road

My mind, it asked me
‘Which one do you like?’
‘Be it fast’, I said
I hate the pain
Let it end.

Her Suffering.

A girl standing
With plastered smile on her face
Eyes bloodshot
Flesh and bones decaying inside
Still she managed to walk and talk
Like everybody does
Her body and mind a great mystery
Just one hit
And she could die.

Hidden Her.

A dark cloud surrounding her
She’s filled of secrets
She can’t even tell anyone
People might get away
Or call her insane
But she’s still normal
Feeling the emotions
So better at faking it
Can you tell you knew her well
When you don’t even understand the story of her scars?

Actions And Words.

He saw her cry
So he gave her an unexpected hug
That’s when he realizes he likes her
But she was doubtful
And full of questions
Yet, he didn’t tell her
And she didn’t asked either
So it’s just silence between them
Because actions also require words to hear
But where are they?

The Games.

There you are with your freak smile
I can’t tell whether it’s good or bad
But here I am in your games
I play I will play
So fun
Was love is really like this about?
Stolen kisses
Surprised back hugs
I with the sweet smile
Mind racing
I knew the dare
I will win this game
With your broken heart and not mine.

*For f*ckboys out there, how dare you play with me. I know your games. I can tell.


I’m your crush
But where’s your girlfriend?
I know she’s there
No clue about your doing
Hey boy
Need some fun?
Games to play?
I’m on
Will make you thirst for me
‘Cause you’ve been a really bad boy
Let you taste the truth of life
Not all you want could be yours
I know you’re bored
But here’s my warning, f*ckboy.

*Because I’m tired of these guys called f*ckboys who messes with life. Hating them. Smh.