November 9.

Sometimes spoken words are better than the written ones,

But written words maybe the most sincere

Because unsaid ones are the things hard to explain.


November 7.

We’re too similar you know

But maybe it’s the indifference that separate us.

November 5.

One person could say, ‘Sorry’, a million times and slowly forget its meaning,

Like, ‘I Love You’s’, could be said without completely meaning them.


October 31.

What if we are some sort of fallen angels, left here on earth for us to spread kindness and love?


October 12.

I closed my eyes and see you there filled up my space

And I don’t want you up there

Controlling my mind for you to be within every line or stanzas I make

To be alive again

In the world I killed.


October 11.

We got emptied of brightness

In this world of darkness

And maybe that’s why

The reason things did fall apart.


September 30.

‘Do you fall in love with a mess?’

I don’t think you do.


September 24.

She wanted to face the ghosts of the fears she left behind

But she keeps running

All the time.


December 01.

‘Let me sleep and float through the words yet to be said and dreamed of.’
-Ana Reyes


October 8.

‘I hate crying ’cause i don’t know what i’m still crying for.’
-Ana Reyes
Ps: I just really don’t know which is which anymore. Maybe words are not enough so there were the tears.