October 22.

Another year has passed
And it was my birthday
Change in the numerals
But i don’t think i did
There were people lost and came
Relationships starts to matter
Between who stayed and left
Who knows you better
And never judge you easily

It was a birthday
A celebration
A greeting or without
What’s important is who remembers
And who’s beside.




I want to love somebody else entirely
But every time I do
I thought of you
Something is making me hold on
It’s maybe the idea that you may come back
To fill the gap in my heart
And if that moment come
Don’t want it to look like I was gone
Where there’s no one to welcome you home
Autumn’s fine winter’s not
So I hope then we’ll make it right.

Memory Lane.


Memory lane, a place where the past remains, where the memories live. And occasionally, the place we’re fond of visiting.

Reminiscing the past might be fun, but if it gives you pain just stop it. Don’t let it haunt you. Keep moving forward. Go on. Don’t hold back. We might want to change something that we’ve done before but past is already the past and we must not regret that if either it taught us a lesson or it gave us happiness.  Don’t let the past be your present or future, make it different.

No More Pretensions.


Finding this thing is heartbreaking you know.
And I’ve thought,
Maybe i was really afraid and i think i am, to know the truth or ask.
So i’ll just put it into words and write them down.
Now, I’m trying to lay out the pieces of the puzzle one by one.
And i wish soon he’ll find out the pieces and figure it out.
Hope it’s not too late.
I just want him to know, not that I’m wanting him beside me.
I just want to get the guilt off my chest.
And finally say, “At least he know now.”