The Blue People.


‘People all around me
Still I felt alone
So I kept myself busy
Deep in my own world
I may look like the crazy one
But I’ll tell you I belong here
One of the blue people
In this world of black and white
My world spinning in it’s own
Would you take a ride with me?’




‘She’s all soaked in
Drowned in her illusions
Her made up space
Covered in blank ink
A million thoughts
Swirling, scattered
Now a harmful storm
Slowly taking her life
And now pleading
Get her out of this labyrinth.’

Negativity Of Her.


‘She’s the bright blue sky,
Mixed with humid and air;
She’s the still white paint,
Mixed with colors in a palette;
She’s the clear water,
Mixed with chemicals;
She was the rainbow,
Then there were the toxics;
Which touched her,
Until it made her black and white.’