Lost Soul.

She doesn’t know where to go

What to do

She’s out of places to run to



It’s what she turned out

Can’t she just have peace?



Tell her to cast her spell

And wish to make it well

This made up world of magic

Which ended up tragic.


She was the sunshine
The rays of light
Giving her glow
Slowly losing brightness
She gave it all
Until she burnt out.


My ideas are a mess
Thoughts I can’t tell where it belongs
I want to think clearly and focus on things
But suddenly I had the flashbacks
Dreams that’s merely impossible
Here I am just living in the present
An empty shell
With a cracked soul.


We haven’t met for months
Then one second I think you’ll be with me now
I smile mostly there every moment I forget you
Whenever I frown there you are in the sidelines waiting to fall
I’m afraid to show you off
But could you please be here now
Unleash all the sadness in me
The hurt I’ve hid all these time
And make it all a little better.


I blink
And open my eyes
I think
And there you are
I can’t help but try to find you
In every human being on earth
I touched
I’m with
But still I can’t find your pieces
That would patch me back together.