My Poetry.

The thoughts inside
The words
They call
They still bleed and longed for you
The letters
The phrases all still about you
The poetry
My poems
Is what you are.



Staying cozy up my seat
It feels like some kind of retreat

Staring out the glass window
Come and glimpse this earth’s shadow

Head and heart’s throbbing
Soul just keep on wandering

This is a roller coaster ride
And believe it would never stride.
-Ana Reyes


I’m the bend in a project folder.
I’m the blur in a taken photograph.
I’m the break in a tree branch.
I’m the burn in a cooked meal.
I’m the crack in a handmade pot.
I’m the crook in a drawn line.
I’m the crumple in an ironed shirt.
I’m the hole in an antique bag.
I’m the loose thread in a knitted scarf.
I’m the misplaced screw in a metal hinge.
I’m the rip in a sheet of paper.
I’m the scar in a soft skin.
I’m the scratch in a shiny glass.
I’m the stain in a cotton dress.
I’m the wrong in written words.

I’m the imperfect in perfect.
I’m the small damage not usually noticed.
But I can make a difference in life.

“Like a small boat
On the ocean
Sending big waves
Into motion
Like how a single word
Can make a heart open
I might only have one match
But I can make an explosion.”
-Fight Song, Rachel Platten



I am
As the water of deep ocean reflects
As the tint of sky clouds casts
As the pigment of human iris shows
As the thread of torn jeans makes
As the tone of this color varies
As the hue of poker chips appears
As the tinge of alcoholic beverage looks
As the aura of someone lonely feels
As the pills of ill person takes
As the lines of writing paper seems
Is me.

“I want you
I’ll colour me blue
Only seeing myself
When I’m looking up at you
When I’m looking up at you.”
-Blue, Troye Sivan


She asked
She heard no

She talked
She heard silence

She approached
She was ignored

She stayed
She was left alone

She loved
She was fooled

She learned by herself
She tried to understand the world
But kept on asking why

She smiled
She tried to belong
But still in the end she’s left out

People always ask if someone’s okay
And we always say, ‘Just fine.’
But don’t they bother to know do we really are?


Can be on the tips of the pen
Folds of paper
Imprint of words
The letters written

Can be on the melody heard
Strummed guitar strings
Drum and sticks vibration
The music played

Can be on the edge of the wood
Soft cushioned sofa
Or fabric of linens
The things seated on

Can be on the calmness of the bay
Shade of blossoming trees
Attracting amusement park
The places gone to

Can be on the figures smiling
Shadows side by side
Kaleidoscope colors
The photographs taken

Can be on the characters words
Fictional dream world
Smell of old parchment
The books read

Can be on the corner of the eye
Skin felt and touched
Air breathe in and out
The ghost of you.

“Come to my dreams,
Daylight won’t find us here
We’re finally free,
Free to go anywhere.”
-See You In My Dreams, We The Kings


Reverie, reverie
A spell cast upon
Reverie, reverie
Magical droplets in the air  

Reverie, reverie
A voice which gives me shiver
Reverie, reverie
Your electrifying touch  

Reverie, reverie
The fire when we’re together
Reverie, reverie
Which made the time froze  

Reverie, reverie
Where my world screams in color
Reverie, reverie
The safest place I rather be  

Reverie, reverie
The core of my sanity
Reverie, reverie
Won’t you just be a daydream.

“You are the star of my daydreams
Everything you are is my reverie
Can you feel my heart
When you’re moving closer and closer?
Oh, I think that we, that we were meant to be.”
– Reverie, Breanne Duren


She’s the fragments of things
The bare ideas of objects she adopted
Characters of fiction
In the books, she have read
Lines of nostalgia
In the songs, she have heard
Speeches of reverie
In the movies, she have watched
The mere conception of everybody
Imitation of thoughts someone knew
Her truest form gone, cast aside
Been forgotten, she’s unknown
A lost torn piece
Could we get her back?
She’s a girl living in false reality.


It’s a dead end for a former flame
No time now for another useless game
When it just deals with heartbreak and pain
You’re supposed to be tired of the drought and rain

Take aside the illusion of mind
I know love is somewhere to be find
That time it never goes with the wind
And promise it could be one of a kind.